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The products supplied by Bulk Tech have been designed and engineered by our sister company Bulk Technik which was founded in 1988. The knowledge and expertise have resulted in reliable and durable products that have been operating trouble free in some very harsh environments and handling difficult products.

The list of standard products supplied by Bulk Tech include:

Used to prevent material bridging in hoppers and silos by aerating the powder thereby reducing the friction between particles which makes it more flowable.

Powder is aerated in a trough that is declined at around -7˚ to the horizontal, thereby enabling it to flow over long distances at high capacities. Typically used for cement and fly ash with capacities over 200 t/h.

Also known as a bin activator. This is installed on a silo or hopper to prevent material bridging. It is suitable for powders and granular products. The bin discharger has a static section that is attached to the bin and a dynamic part with a vibrating motor that oscillates. This movement is transferred into the product, thus the particles begin to oscillate which in turns reduces the inter particle friction and thus improves the flowability significantly.

Big bags can be discharged by either using a frame to hang then a forklift positions the frame with the bag over a de-bagging hopper. Alternatively, a structure with crawl beam is utilised to lift the big bag over hopper using a chain hoist.

Predominantly used as a material filling valve on a pressure vessel. The unique design essentially makes it fail safe and it can not open when under pressure. The design and choice of materials makes it wear resistant with low maintenance. Suitable for pressures up to 10 bar.

For feeding product at low capacities at a constant rate, typically from 2 kg/h up to 2000 kg/h. The design incorporates an agitator arm that rotates in the feed chamber above the screw flight. This prevents product bridging and ensures a steady feed at the discharge.

Suitable for isolating dry powders under a silo or hopper. The slide gate can be supplied with a manual handwheel or a pneumatic cylinder and will have a square or rectangular mounting frame. Higher end valves for liquids and higher pressures are available via AKO.

The detention lime slaker produces a high quality and consistent lime slurry, more commonly referred to as milk of lime [MOL]. Lime powder or quicklime [CaO] is mixed into water which results in an exothermic reaction producing heat.

The key to obtaining a high grade MOL is to maintain a consistent temperature together with good agitation. The MOL passes through a number of mixing chambers before entering the grit chamber where the impurities are removed from the MOL.

MOL lime is produced continuously with our automated slaking unit adjusting the water flow into the different compartments and thereby controlling the slaking temperature, yet always maintaining the same consistency of the final lime slurry.

Telescopic loading spouts are used to gravity fill bulk road tankers from a silo or feeding device such as an air slide or screw conveyor. It is a retractable device that is lowered onto the opening of a tanker for dust free filling. The loading spout can be semi-automated whereby it is safely lowered and raised with a geared motor.

Powders tend to form lumps when stored for extensive periods and/or when exposed to moisture. Some materials are also naturally more prone to form lumps than others. In order to break part such lumps the material is fed through a lump breaker. The lump breakers are available in mild steel or stainless steel with different designs and materials used to suit the application/product. The standard range of lump breakers have twin shafts, one being direct driven by a geared motor while the other one is rotated via gear wheels.

Generally, these silos have a volume less than 10 m3 and are supplied without a dust extraction unit. A cat ladder is provided for access to the silo roof which is enclosed with handrailing. It is fitted with aerator pads to assist discharging material.

These pipe couplings are used extensively for pneumatic conveying lines, especially in food grade applications. The couplings are easy to install, cheaper than conventional flanged joints, provides electrical conductivity i.e. earthing and are available in almost any pipe diameter.

Can be used for many applications especially when unobstructed flow is required such as in a pneumatic conveying system or for food and pharmaceutical applications where it is imperative that no product adheres to the valve. AKO has an extensive range of pinch valves that can be pneumatically or hydraulically operated. They have numerous types of end connections (flanged, socketed, clamped) and housings made from aluminium, stainless steel or even POM. This is combined with 11 different materials for the internal sleeve that can be selected to best suit the application e.g. food grade, abrasive or high temperatures.
AKO has mechanical pinch valve that are opened and closed with a handwheel, pneumatic cylinder or even an electric stepper motor.

Used to dislodge bridged product in a duct, chute or even silos over 100 m3 in volume. A pneumatic hammer essentially consists of a mounting plate that is welded to the hopper. The body with a metal ram is bolted to this and then compressed air connected via a solenoid and timer. The solenoid is pulsed at set intervals where the force of the compressed air accelerates the metal hammer which then impacts onto the mounting plate. This force is transmitted into the product at helps break up bridges.

Essentially rotary feeders are grouped into two categories: drop through and blow through. Like the name indicates for both, the drop through fills product from above and then gravity feeds it through the outlet. The blow through valve also feeds product from above, but then discharges it into the airstream of a pneumatic conveying line. The DMN range of rotary vane or airlock feeders are precision machined to ensure minimal leakage occurs from a pressure differential caused by the possibly the pressurised vessel filling product into the rotor or the pressurised conveying air on the discharge side.

The DMN Westinghouse rotary valves are available with ATEX, USDA and EHEDG certification. Special quick cleaning systems are available which will significantly reduce production losses and improve the hygiene of the equipment due to the ease in which this is carried out.

Designed and manufactured to best suit the application and product to be conveyed. The screw conveyors are best suited to move dry product over relative short distances of around 6 to 7 m without the use of a hanger bearing. Commonly they would be used for conveying capacities from 500 kg/h to over 200 t/h. With special design features, product up to 600 ˚C can be handled with a screw feeder.

Silos are fabricated from mild or stainless steel depending on the material stored and the environment in which it will be installed. For sizes up to approximately 350 m3 they can be supplied in a fully welded construction, for larger tanks a segmented design may be more economical depending on the transport route.

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