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Bulk Tech provides quality products for handling, controlling and measuring dry powders and granular products. More specifically, Bulk Tech designs and manufactures standard or customised equipment for a diverse range of applications, from the mining to the food industry. Our quality products are suited for:

Storage: silos, hoppers, IBCs.
Discharge: aeration pads, pneumatic hammer, bin activator, bulk bag unloading.
Feeding: screw conveyor, dosing feeder, rotary valve.
Conveying: air slide, pneumatic conveying, ring venturi, diverter valve.
Filling: bulk bag loading, loading spout.
Blending and mixing: air blending cone, lime slaking.
Accessories: lump breaker, safety valve

Welcome to Bulk Tech

Bulk Tech is the sole agent in Southern Africa for:

DMN Westinghouse: rotary feeders, diverter valves and Morris couplings.
Envea: instruments to measure flow of dry powders, detection of dust, measurement of moisture and level detection.
AKO: pinch valves (pneumatic and mechanical type) and precision knife gate valves.

All our mechanical equipment is maintained and serviced locally in Johannesburg. We can provide service agreements throughout South Africa, for one of our qualified technicians to inspect and service your equipment on site.